Powerspout turbines. If you have a small stream or a watercourse or you already have a water permit (an old mill for example) and you want to save on the electricity bill, I suggest hydraulic self-consumption. The cleanest solution to get your own energy and at very competitive prices


Small computer program that you can use to evaluate your hydraulic potential. Link to the website of the manufacturer Powerspout


Our Pelton (PLT) turbine is a cost effective, robust and reliable product. It is best suited for medium to high head sites that have flow rates <8 l/s. Low head sites with flows <10 l/s may also be well suited for a PLT turbine. A PLT turbine is a low flow turbine so tends to be used on higher head sites typically >20m.



Our Turgo (TRG) turbine is a cost effective, robust and reliable product. It is best suited to low and medium heads with flows over 8 l/s most of the time. It is best suited to sites with <30m of head.



The PowerSpout LH is a propeller type turbine. This type gives the maximum shaft rpm from the lowest head of water. The propeller is completely submerged in water

Required head and flow per turbine:

Head: 1 – 5 meters

Flow: 14 – 55 litres/second


Smart Drive D.I.Y.

The Smart Drive, used as a PMA – Permanent Magnet Alternator, is an ideal generator for small scale electricity generation projects. It can also be used as a powerfull BLDC – Brushless DC motor.

Please refer to the following documents to assist you in your D.I.Y. project:

Smart Drive Applications for DIY projects

Smart Drive BLDC Motor Applications for DIY projects