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+ Agricultural irrigation



Hidric in the world


Since 1997 we have been working on irrigation facilities for gardening, agriculture and vegetable gardens. Since 2005, Davis weather stations have been sold and installed. In 2010 soil moisture and nebulization sensors. In 2013 we made the leap to the production of electricity for self-consumption, with the sale of Powerspout micro turbines, and in 2018 to make and sell derivatives for photovoltaic or hydraulic surpluses -DST-. And all with the excitement of helping you bring the dish to the table. And you, what do you need?

Powerspout turbines

Self-consumption and charging batteries

If you have a small waterfall, you can make your own electricity. For direct self-consumption in isolation or sell online

If you need watering or maintenance

We install irrigation for agriculture and gardening

Irrigation for fruit trees, grapes, vegetable garden. Dripping is our specialty.

Agronomic design and installation

Surge diverter

Apparatus for taking advantage of photovoltaic or hydraulic surplus

If there is no electricity and your batteries are full, you can use it to heat water or open a pressure pump.

Weather stations and sensors

Instrumentation and control in environmental processes


We sell and can assist in the installation of humidity, environmental, or level sensors, associated with agriculture and / or gardening.

If you have excess water, and you want peace of mind

The peace of mind of producing your electricity. With hydraulic turbines or photovoltaic.

Whether for own or shared self-consumption. In island system to charge battery or send to network.

The Powerspout, Turbiwatt or Saloria microturbines are built for your peace of mind.

100% Renewable

Thanks to water, we can get electricity.

Renewable 100×100 energy. Energy 100×100 net of emissions

Powerspout, Turbiwatt, Saloria our manufacturers of electricity for your self-consumption

kWh-day Accumulated energy produced


100% renewable hydraulic energy

Average production per turbine (W/h-day)

Powerspout PLT turbines Pelton


Flow rate from 0.3 L/s to 3L/s. Height from 5 to 160m

Powerspout TRG turbines Turgo


Flow rate from 7 L/s to 15L/s. Height from 2 to 30m

Powerspout LH turbines Kaplan


Flow rate from 20 L/s to 55L/s. Height from 1.5 to 5m

Generator with permanent magnets. Smart Drive


Stator of 36 or 42 poles. Stabilized permanent magnet rotors

Digital solutions for agriculture

24Vac, 12Vcc, 9/12Vlatch

Sirius 90

It allows to realize irrigations by time and volume, control diesel and cleaning of filters. The 90DP version incorporates a differential pressure sensor

24Vac, 12Vcc, 9/12V latch

Sirius 200 – Sirius 400


The Sirius 200 allows the same with the Model 90, plus proportional fertilization with pH reading and EC Conductivity.

Our rates are low!

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